5 winners arrested for suspected terrorism.

When I say winners, I don’t use the term lightly. Check ’em out:

Occupy a meth pipe!

CNN was quick to point out the local occupy chapter is denying any association with these chumps (even thought they spoke openly of “taking down the 1%”). Here’s a link to the article and the relevant portion:

During the course of the alleged plot, however, Baxter later expressed reservations, saying that blowing up a bridge “would not stop money flowing to the ‘one percent,'” the complaint says.

The reference is catch-all phrase commonly employed by the Occupy movement in describing America’s wealthy, particularly those atop the financial services industry, suggesting they hold disproportionate influence over the rest of the country.

“Occupy Cleveland,” a local branch of the loosely organized protest that began last year in New York’s Zuccotti Park, tweeted on Tuesday that it was “shocked by these allegations.”

“We continue to be committed to creating social change through non-violence,” the group said.

I’m not a huge trumpeter of rampant media bias, but remember when a tea party protester allegedly said the N-word to some passing african-american members of congress and everyone was quick to associate that with the tea party movement as a whole? Even though nobody could even prove it happened. Now we’ve got someone arrested for attempting to commit a terrorist act, claiming to be a part of “the 99%,” and occupy gets a pass?


What do you think?

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